LAEF donates Over $75,000 for Los Al USD STEAM needs

Rossmoor Elementary STEM teacher, Melissa Baluyot, with her students at their STEAM Fair.

The Los Alamitos Education Foundation (LAEF) granted over $75,000 to Los Al schools for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math) needs this year. LAEF accepted grant submissions from school principals to support anything STEAM related, such as curriculum, supplies, technology and/or staff salaries.

“Our STEAM grants recognize that there are unique needs on each school campus. We are thrilled to see that the grant funds awarded in December are being utilized now by students in classrooms across Los Al Unified,” said LAEF Executive Director, Carrie Logue.

Pictured is Oak STEM teacher, Seann Schiele, with his students in front of the 3D printer purchased with LAEF’s STEAM grant funds.

At Oak Middle School, Mr. Seann Schiele and his students are excited to now be working with a new industry-standard 3D printer, directly impacting the quality of his STEM classes and the prototypes students produce. At McAuliffe, students are now enjoying new electric drum kits, adding new and improved instrumentation to their music classes. Los Alamitos High School ceramics students are creating pieces on brand-new pottery wheels. Schools were also granted funds for 3D jewelry printers, Ozobots (programmable mini robots) and digital art technology and accessories. Multiple elementary schools are continuing to use LAEF STEAM funds to support salaries for STEAM/Media Center teachers and aides.

To-date, LAEF has donated nearly $400,000 to support STEAM programs and staff across Los Alamitos Unified School District.

LAEF also continues to support school STEAM fairs. Last year, LAEF sponsored a STEAM Contest in lieu of fairs due to Covid. This year, with the goal of bringing the fairs back and giving more kids an opportunity to participate, LAEF sponsored optional STEAM fairs at school sites. Lee, Rossmoor and Weaver Elementary Schools and Oak Middle School opted to hold fairs this spring and LAEF was there to witness the amazing projects. Student innovation continues to be very impressive.

“The fairs were full of exciting discoveries and creative projects, and we are happy to continue our partnership with the schools to bring these fairs back on campus,” said Logue.

The STEAM donations are due in large part to the support from LAEF’s major donor group, the Los Al Leadership Circle (LALC). The LALC consists of the distinguished, significant supporters of LAEF’s visionary work. Members of the LALC provide the critical donations that bring LAEF’s support of Los Al kids to the next level. To learn more about how to become a member of the LALC, please visit


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