Check out our social media walls


Check out our social media walls

One of the biggest challenges around these parts is to keep up with what’s happening on a timely basis. The bigger ands cut so far back on staff so teams and events in our tiny little berg are rarely covered.

It’s not that locals aren’t trying. Between websites and social media posts, the news is getting covered but you have to look at 100 different sites to find out what was once easily available. Until now.

So, using new technology now on the market, we are introducing a series of social media walls that displays the most recent posts on specific subjects. We originally set this up to help the restaurants participating in The Taste for Los Al, but we thought it was so cool we’re going to give it a shot in other fields.

Want the latest in Griffin Sports?- check out the Griffin Sports Wall.

Want to see the latest houses on the market — check out our Real Estate Wall.

Need inspiration for today’s lunch or dinner — we provide the suggestions with our Restaurant Wall.

And if you want to see what’s happening in Friday Night Lights — check out our FNL wall. We are working with FNL on a test site where we can show FNL-related posts (either by FNL or by parents) showing a great photo or the result of a game. Whether you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tik Tok, if you include the hashtag your organization provided to you, it will show. If this proves practical and appreciated we can set one up for each youth sports league.

This is new technology that is continually being improved so bear with us as we make adjustments to perfect the process.

If you want more information, drop us a line.


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