Former Griffin Show Choir standout Sophia Wackerman kills it on American Idol tryout


New American Idol contestant Sophia Wackerman has some major Los Al Hign School AND musical roots. Her grandfather Chuck taught jazz at Seal Beach and Los Al schools for years. Her dad Chad is a former Griffin who played drums for James Taylor and Frank Zappa. Her Uncle Brooks played drums for Bad Religion. Her late mother sang background for Neil Sedaka and The Moody Blues.

And Sophia used to kill it as one of the lead vocalists for the national champ Los Al Show Choir. She kills it again at the tryouts for this Sunday’s American idol.

As noted above, while Sophia’s dad, Chad, and uncle Brooks have really cool creds, her grandfather, Chuck, is one of the legends of the Los Alamitos school district music scene, and beyond that, as shown in this NAMM mini-biography.



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