Los Alamitos High School ASB students tasked with giving away over $15,000

Associated Student Body members at Los Alamitos High School with their Merry Griffin cash donation. Photo courtesy of Los Alamitos Unified School District.

From the Los Alamitos Unified School District

ASB students at Los Alamitos High School were gifted over $15,000 to give away to support their mission statement, Be the Good.

An anonymous local company that employs alumni from the high school donated $300 to each of the 51 ASB students to share with anyone they chose. The only parameters the students had were that they had to physically hand it to the person and tell them why they were giving it to them.

Students have until Dec 22, 2021 to complete the project and write a note to the company describing who they gave the money to, why they chose that person or persons, and how they felt after giving away the money.


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