Los Cerritos Wetlands restoration lawsuit set for March 11

    Wetlands restrartipon l

    A lawsuit that would try to overturn an agreement that would allegedly restore the Los Cerritos wetlands will finally get its day in court on March 11.

    The wetlands was long owned by the Bixby Ranch Company — the Bixbys from Rancho Los Alamitos, not their cousins which operated the Rancho Los Cerritos — but was obtained about ten years ago by Beach Oil Minerals LLC when the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Fred Bixby divested themselves of all the family property and businesses.

    The lawsuit is technically against the California Coastal Commission which approved a landswap that transferred the property to a new non-profit which would restore the wetlands, while still giving Beach Oil Minerals the right to extract oil from a much smaller surface footprint.

    Harry Saltsraver of the Press-Telegram has a more detailed story.


    Arguments in Los Cerritos Wetlands land swap lawsuit set for Thursday, March 11


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