POLITICS: West OC Women Republicans re-elect Hathcock as Prez, install 2022 officers

The West Orange County Republican Women Federated has installed a new board of directors. Shown left to right: Recording Secretary Pat Eskenazi; Treasurer Chris Barnes; Region 8 Director Sandy Rains who conducted the installation; VP Ways and Means Konya Vivanti; VP Membership Saundra Stark; and President Nancy Hathcock. VP Programs Mari Barke not pictured.

Nancy Hathcock was re-elected as President of the West Orange County Republican Women Federated at the club’s final meeting of 2021 at which their new board of directors was installed.

Over the past year, the club continued its accelerated growth. Since 2019, the award-winning Diamond club has doubled its membership, and this past year it was one of the top ten California Federation clubs with the largest increase in membership.

With the focus turning to the 2022 midterm elections and the anticipated historic Red Wave, excitement filled the air at the club’s final meeting and Club President Hathcock notd tat everyone is gearing up for a politically exciting year. “With Bidenflation destroying paychecks and questionable COVID mandates crushing business holiday opportunities, Republicans anticipate a surge in support from Americans from all parties seeking to stop Democrat Marxist-leaning policies.”

The OC-Breeze has more details.


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