SCHOOLS: Los Al Board opposes local charter school


As always there is lots of new news about local schools.

The biggest news might be the Los Al School Board came out against a proposed new charter school which would be in Cypress, but technically within the boundaries of the Los Al School District.

Jeannette Andruss reported on the application by the Sycamore Creek Community Charter School which already serves around 160 students from TK-8 at their Huntington Beach campus. The school opened in 2019 in the Ocean View School District . Her article can be read here.

Sycamore Creek utilizes the Waldorf concept of education. Similar in some ways to Montessori, but with more emphasis on experiencing the subject matter as opposed to just reading about it.

The latest Los Al School District from Feb. 7, 2023 meetings can be viewed online. They can also be viewed on our streaming channel at OUR LOS AL TV, which can be downloaded free from Roku, Amazon Prime or Apple TV. Below is the regular school Board meeting

Below is the Board Workshop from Tuesday afternoon.

Hopkinson School – held its annual Color Run on February 3. Below is a little sample of the fun.


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