Seal Beach Council approves new Water Shortage plan


The Seal Beach City Council unanimously approved the introduction of a new Water Shortage Contingency Response Ordinance and adopted and amended the 58-page 2020 Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

One vote addressed both issues. The update is required by the state government, which recently introduced regulations requiring local water agencies to reduce water use by up to 20 percent and prohibit any watering of ornamental lawns at businesses and other commercial properties. Officials earlier this year announced penalties for watering yards after a rainstorm.

Two weeks ago the huge Metropolitam Water District required six major water providers and dozens of cities and local districts in LA, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties to impose one of two options: limit residents to outdoor watering once a week or reduce total water use below a certain target.

The Sun’s Charles Kelly filed a more complete report of the Seal Beach Council’s actions.

Council introduces water contingency ordinance

The latest state mandates designed to increase available levels of fresh water come just two weeks after state officials derailed plans for a large water desalinization plant in Huntington Beach.


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