U.S. Army Reserve jets set for move to Los Alamitos base

Seal Beach moves to allow outdoor dining

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced plans for the Army reserve to permanently relocate four passenger jets from Texas to Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos by this summer.

Although the Army reserve and California National Guard provide the biggest compliment of troops, The Corps of Engineers is the technical owner of the base property, and has been since the Navy closed its operations in the 1970s.

The Corps announcement noted that the move will add about 200 takeoffs and landings per year by a fleet of UC-35A Cessna Citation Ultras which will move from Fort Hood, Texas with 18 soldiers assigned to 6th Battalion, 52nd Aviation Unit.

The aircraft are used by U.S. Transportation Command to fly military personnel and Department of Defense civilians on official business within the continental U.S.

Here is a more complete story which ran in the LA Times-owned Daily Pilot.




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