Warehouse fire breaks out in Los Al industrial area behind hospital


Local firefighters responded to a structure fire in the industrial area of Los Alamitos behind the Medical Center that broke out in a warehouse Tuesday morning.

Smoke and flames were visible for many miles almost immediately after flames engulfed the one-story structure on Kyle Street just south of Catalina, and a block west of Los Alamitos Elementary and McAuliffe Middle Schools.

CBS2 Morning News reported the business as a towing company, presumably Mr. C’s Towing, which is located in the area.  Directly across Kyle Street from the fire location is the Deft Touch Soccer center which appeared to be untouched.  The enflamed property was also adjacent to the offices of Eddie Kesky Construction and Leone Electric.

Ash rose quickly from the site, carrying charred pages of magazines and other matter into Rossmoor.

The blaze was classified as a 2-alarm fire, and crews from other Orange County Fire Authority stations and the Long Beach Fire Department were called to the scene, authorities said.






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