What’s in this week’s Event-News Enterprise – Feb. 9, 2022


Universal Transitional Kindergarten is coming to California schools

If you have a child younger than four years old, get ready for a major change in public education. Starting next school year, California’s Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK) program will begin its roll out. The end goal is to create an optional grade level that precedes kindergarten.

In a few years, all four-year-olds in California will be able to enroll in UTK. But that’s not all. School districts will also… [more]

Foster Cass of Los Alamitos, at 103, is the embodiment of the American dream

Born a preacher’s son in northwestern Iowa, the remarkable life of William Foster Cass is a living embodiment of the traditional American dream.
As he looks back on his long life, it is obvious how fate has smiled favorably upon this self-made Los Alamitos resident, who celebrated his 103rd birthday Sunday.
Cass has worked his way through college, became an educator, then an educational administrator, raised a family, and witnessed history as a Naval officer along the way.
His first glance from lady fate occurred when his dad, Rev. Frank W. Cass and mom, Carrie Jackley Cass, uprooted the family from… [more]

Some Cypress citizens unhappy as Council approves Valley Vista rate hike

The Cypress City council last Monday weathered a withering verbal barrage from angry citizens, yet ignoring their pleas to not give Valley View Services a 10-year exemption without a bid process and voted 3-1-1 to accept a higher rate structure for the waste hauler that will generate huge sums for the company.
Mayor Paulo Morales, Council member Jon Peat and Council member Scott Minikus voted… [more]

Cypress College, UCI and CSUF to share $1.5 million grant

The National Science Foundations (NSF) has awarded Cypress College; University of California, Irvine (UCI); and California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) a $1.5 million partnership grant over three years. The grant will be used at the three campuses to encourage underrepresented students to consider studying data science and prepare them for careers in… [more]


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