What’s in this week’s Event-News Enterprise – March 16, 2022


Los Al Unified faces budget challenges, but hoping state will assist

The Los Alamitos Unified School District is facing some fiscal challenges starting in the 2022-2023 school year but district administrators are hopeful California’s governor and legislature will step in to help with extra funding.
That was the message during the March 8 Board of Education meeting when Elvia Galicia, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, delivered a budget update.
A big jump in pension and employee health care costs is one issue. The other… [more]

Los Alamitos High School Senior Collects 1,000 books that are Donated to East L.A. School

Brandon DeMarco, a senior at Los Alamitos High School, and his mother, Rachael, were talking recently in their Rossmoor home about the need to pack up items as Brandon prepares to graduate and leave for college.
That included the many books in his room. Rachael had an idea: Why not donate them to a school near their family business in East Los Angeles?
They decided to see if anyone else wanted to help in the effort. All it took was a few posts on social media to summon the generosity of local families.
Earlier this month, Brandon stood outside his home as neighbors and strangers donated elementary school-age books. [more]

Lori Scott named Lee Elementary “Hero of the Heart”

A long-time volunteer who implemented a special art program at Lee Elementary school has been named “Hero of the Heart” for Lee Elementary School in Rossmoor.
“You are a true gift to our school community,” Principal Amy Vento told Lori Scott during a workshop meeting of the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board meeting.
“Her biggest impact on our community has been the… [more]

Cypress Council votes 4-1 to reject voter allegations; doubt cast on election itself

At its regular meeting Monday, which, ironically, had zero items listed under “no new business,” the Council again emerged from a session closed to the public and voted 4-1 to fight the allegations that the city is in violation of the California Voting Rights Act.
Following the latest in a series of sessions closed to the public to discuss the city’s alleged violation of the California Voting Rights Act, city attorney Fred Galante announced the Council’s decision to … [more]

Los Al Career Academy grad creates skin care line

After graduating from the Los Alamitos Career Academy in 2016, Gabrielle Alegre sought several fields of endeavor, seeking her own level of creativity, always with a sight on her own entrepreneurial space of skin care for all types of skin.
After working for Facial Works in Huntington Beach for nearly two-years now, currently as Head Esthetician, she’s continuing to move up within her field.
What’s ahead for her, after developing a… [more]


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